Through this post we are going to share very important information with all of you because WHAT IS HOSTING? We are going to try to give you complete information on the important topic of the subject in very simple words.

Here let us tell that if you want to make a website, then there should be a lot of information about hosting because through this only you will be able to build your website in the right way.

Hosting is very important to create any type of website and keeping all these things in mind, we have brought this post with you all so that you know WHAT IS HOSTING? And can get complete information about how many types it is. 

Hosting is needed to run everything you are seeing on the Internet today, without it no website can run, and from this you can know how important it is. 

If you also want to make a website and you do not know what type of hosting to buy, in this post we will give information about which hosting is needed to buy and from where you can buy better hosting for less money. are | 


Hosting is a server through which we can run our website on the Internet and whenever no one seems to create it, hosting is needed first of all, without this any type of website cannot be created. 

Because one thing you always need to keep in mind that whenever we open a website on the Internet or open a video, apart from this, if any image is also up through the Internet. 

Have you ever thought that whatever container you are opening in your computer, where it is started and kept, here for information, let us tell you that all of them are uploaded in a hosting’s server. 

To understand it in a more simple way, when we would like to tell you that when we create a website, the server used to store the content of that website securely is called hosting. 

Today there are many big companies available, through which you can easily buy hosting for your website, where you can also buy by paying a few ₹ 100 a month, while hosting up to thousands of rupees will also be available. 

If you have a lot of content on your website and your website can get a lot of traffic, then you need to give bigger hosting which means more server so that your website can be up on the internet properly. 


WHAT IS HOSTING? But only then we talk about what types of hosting are there and if you want to make a website, which hosting should be bought.


If you are going to create a website for yourself for the first time or if you have a very small business and do not need a big website, you can buy share hosting for that website.

Because you will get a lot of benefit from it, the biggest advantage is that its price is very low, as it does not cost much money to build a starting website and Share Hosting is also available there very easily.


This hosting is done through a big website, where you must have seen that from big e-commerce website to as big as it gets, which has more than 1 million traffic per day,  dedicated hosting is used for them. goes to

If you want, you can buy this hosting for your small website, but its price is not very high and you may have to pay at least 10 thousand rupees for only one month.


We would like to tell here that CLOUD HOSTING is completely different from all other hosting because in this your website is not hosted in any one server but website is hosted in more than one server. 

The advantage of this is that if the traffic on your website suddenly increases, as it happens many times that the content you have written becomes viral on the internet, then suddenly the traffic on your website increases and such In the circumstances, cloud hosting is the only good option for the simple servers are of no use. 

VPN hosting

VPN hosting is much more expensive than any other type of hosting, the cost of VPN hosting is much higher because there is also a very important reason behind it, would like to tell here that if you want to open your website very fast. For that vpn hosting is a good option.


We went through this post on WHAT IS HOSTING?TYPE OF HOSTING has been given through this post, but still, if any information is needed on this topic or if there is any other related question, then you can also tell us through the comments below.

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